3 reasons to arrange your own backyard sale


Last week we arranged not only one, but TWO backyard sales together with two friends. We were discussing how we had lots of clothes that we weren't wearing anymore, and that it would be a nice way to gather lots of friends and make something fun out of a good cause.We invited you guys on Instagram and Facebook and arranged with delivery of raw snacks from Soho Urban Eatery, kombucha from Norsk Kombucha, made raw snack ourselves and made an upbeat playlist. We arranged clothes for multiple days - and it ended up being a huge success!

3 reasons you should arrange your own backyard sale

  1. It's a great way of seeing lot's of friends at the same time

  2. It's a great way of cleaning out your closet and earning some cash on it

  3. It's good for everyone attending to buy second-hand clothes instead of new