Connecting to your Inner Guidance System with Alexa Valentin


November 29th – December 20th

We all have an inner voice, a gut feeling, or a knowing, that helps us navigate through life. It's like a calm, steady guide that is here to assist us through life's ups and downs. But in today's noisy world, we often ignore our Inner Guidance System. All the external information we’re taking in every day can make us forget about our inner wisdom, leaving us feeling lost and overwhelmed. But how can we trust our inner voice if we don’t even know what it sounds or feels like when it communicates to us? So often we let the mind run the show; How many times have you wanted to do something and then started to be filled with questions, doubt and confusion about whether it would be good for you or not? Our mind will always question things but its job isn’t to make decisions. That lies in our body and together we’ll feel into that.

The focus of this month in the RB Membership is cultivating a deeper connection with your own Inner Guidance System so that you can find a deeper sense of self-awareness, self-trust and groundedness in the way you move through life. Together we will explore how your unique Inner Guidance System is designed, why it is so important to listen to it, and how to develop a stronger connection to it.

Workshop 1 / 29th of Nov:

Developing your Inner Authority through Human Design

Human Design is your unique operating manual that shows how you are designed to navigate through life and interact with the world. Your Authority in Human Design is your decision-making process. Together with your Strategy, it helps you make decisions and move through life in a way that’s most aligned with your own energetics. In this workshop, we’ll explore the different Authority Types and how to connect to your own, so that you feel more empowered to make purposeful decisions and choices that will lead you in the right direction of your unique life path.

What you need: your HD chart (eg.


Workshop 2 / 6th of Dec:

Intuitive Movement Exploration

Explore the language of your body through intuitive movement and discover new ways of expressing yourself. This class is not about perfecting a yoga flow or sticking to specific moves. Instead, you can let go of expectations and judgments and simply trust your instincts, be present in the moment, and express yourself without holding yourself back. In this session, you'll discover the power of listening to your Inner Guidance System, gain a deeper connection with the sensations of your own body, and ultimately let yourself be intuitively guided instead of trying to control your actions with the mind.

What you need: comfortable clothes and space to move


Workshop 3 / 13th of Dec:

New Moon Manifestation Breathwork

The last New Moon of the year invites us to explore our inner truths and narratives, questioning whether they need to be redefined, expanded, or completely rewritten in order to live a life based on your Inner Guidance System. In this session, we'll use the energy of the Sagittarius New Moon to (literally) breathe new life into our intentions and embrace an authentic path for the new year. With your breath - a vital element of manifestation- you will challenge the narratives that no longer serve you and allow the limitless potential of the universe to become your new truth.

Workshop 4 / 20th of Dec:

Sound Meditation & Reflection

Sound stirs the senses, helping you move beyond the physical sensations and tune into the deepest whispers of the soul. This sound meditation is an invitation to explore your inner landscape and to create more resonance with your Inner Guidance System. For the last workshop of this month (and year!) we'll immerse ourselves in the soothing sounds of various instruments and vibrations guide us into a state of deep relaxation and introspection. From this place of inner peace and clarity, we’ll open the space for the sharing of your experiences.

What you need: a comfortable space to lay down, headphones, perhaps eye pillow

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