Therapeutic Journaling for Shadow Work with Julia Eggert


April 16th at 7:00-8:30 pm (CEST/OSLO)

Healing the Past & Empowering the Future

About Julia:

Julia is the founder of Holistic Living and works as an IoPT trauma therapist and mindfulness and meditation facilitator. Passionate about creating a trauma-informed space for self-exploration, healing, and holistic wellbeing, Julia focuses particularly on the adverse effects of early childhood trauma on relationships, as well as the impacts on psychological and physical wellbeing in adulthood. She facilitates one-on-one sessions and group work, holds workshops and women's circles, and creates educational content on trauma and healing.

About the session: 

In this workshop, we will explore the benefits of therapeutic journaling and mindfulness for shadow work and how they can support us in creating the future we desire. We will delve into:
– Understanding how our unconscious programming and childhood trauma impact our present and future.
– Exploring aspects of your shadow self, trauma feelings, and emotional triggers through guided journaling prompts.
– Connecting with your inner child through guided meditation.
– Experiencing how therapeutic journaling and mindful connection can assist you in integrating shadow aspects of the self.

€30,00 EUR

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