Want to join us for a magical detox-trip to Costa Rica?

Want to join us for a magical detox-trip to Costa Rica?

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Hi lovely people,

We are co-hosting a zero-waste & detox retreat in Costa Rica this December and would love to invite you to join!

Do you remember our trip to Costa Rica this April? In Santa Teresa, we met the wellness expert and dear friend Adi. We both did a 5-day liquid cleanse filled with Costa Rican herbs and plants, prepared by Adi herself, delivered in reusable glass bottles each morning. The cleanse quite literally changed our health and lives for the better.

5-day liquid cleanse filled with Costa Rican herbs and plants

After opening up about our own health issues, a lot of you wrote to us sharing that you have gone through similar experiences. We truly believe that our own health and wellness in inextricably linked to the health and wellness of the planet. When we feel good, we do good.


Even more, we want to inspire you to continue this journey back home again and see in what ways our wellness is connected with the planet.

Date: 16-22 December ( six nights 7 day)

Location: Santa Theresa, Costa Rica

Participants: 8 people

Weekly Program:

  • Plant-based, raw and organic* foods the days off cleanse
  • Raw vegan cooking class x 2
  • Adi’s well renowned 5-day liquid cleanse with local & organic* ingredients
  • Low-intensity workouts x 3
  • 90 minutes therapeutic massage
  • 30 minutes of infrared sauna
  • Yoga & meditation x 4
  • Biomagnetic full body scan
  • Surprise starter kit for an eco-friendly lifestyle + workshop
  • Time off to spend just as you like (Surf, Horseback riding, hiking etc)
  • Transportation roundtrip from the Tambor airport.
  • Welcome smoothie


  • Bedroom for two people, one bathroom: $1705 per person
  • Bedroom for four people, two bathrooms: $1530 per person

*All the food will be organic when possible

Thea Retreat, Santa Teresa, Costa Rica

What is actually a zero-waste & detox retreat?

We haven’t co-hosted a retreat before, but we plan on bringing our zero-waste philosophy into this week through workshops and talks. We will share our experience of changing our lives around to become greener and how we can reduce what we don’t want in life to make room for what we really need!

So what is zero-waste? Technically it means not sending anything to a landfill. We do not lead a zero-waste lifestyle today but this is definitely something we wish to improve in all areas of our lives. We aim to reduce what we need, reuse as much as possible, recycle and be creative. The circular economy of a zero-waste lifestyle mimics nature in that there is no trash in nature. We just need to create a smarter system than the one we have today!

Beautiful beaches for surfing and sunbathing

For us, this goes for all aspects of our life. We want to reduce negative thoughts, food with a negative impact on the body, bad self-image (let’s just call all of this trash for now). We want to learn how we can focus on the positive, nourish our bodies with amazing food that’s also good for the planet and figure out how we can have less or manage better the stress we experience in our everyday lives.

The aim of this week is not to talk out as a perfect human being, but to feel amazing, learn new tools and connect with nature.

Magical Santa Teresa, Costa Rica

Adi’s experience and Thea Retreat

Adi has been doing detox & juice fasting retreats for more than 15 years and has been treating and training people worldwide with her medicinal herbs and menus. Just recently she established a beautiful wellness retreat center called Thea Retreat”. Together with Adi, we invite you to join us to spend one week (6 nights and 7 days) in this amazing forest above the beaches of beautiful Santa Teresa, Costa Rica.

We will learn about urban gardening, how to prepare healthy delicious meals, do some good yoga and low-intensity workout and of course learn about how we can lean toward a zero-waste lifestyle. The detox will help us reach a balance in all levels, which we really want more people to experience, and also is something we need ourselves. We will be learning how to manage stress disorders, allergies,  digestive dysfunctional problems, chronicle stomach ache, fatigue, migraines & all the everyday symptoms we suffer from.


If you have any questions or want to book, feel free to contact us: post@radicalbroccoli.com

or sign up here.

2 thoughts on “Want to join us for a magical detox-trip to Costa Rica?”

  • Digger bloggen og dette høres jo helt fantastisk ut, men lurer på hva dere tenker om klimaeffekten av å fly så langt for bare ei uke avslapning (som man strengt tatt også kan få i Norge – ikke akkurat i samme omgivelser, så klart, men det finnes jo raw food og vakker natur også her)? Det er ikke meningen å være kjip – jeg flyr mer enn jeg burde selv – men ettersom dere skriver er en klimablogg er jeg bare interessert i hva dere tenker rundt dette. 🙂

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