3 ways to get rid of plastic straws

3 ways to get rid of plastic straws

By 2050 there may actually be more plastic in the ocean than fish, which is maybe the most depressing thought ever. Then again, we still have 33 years to do something about it! This weekend marked the annual international coastal cleanup, arranged by Ocean Conservancy, and held all across the world. Today we spent a couple of hours cleaning up trash (mostly plastic) at Costa da Caparica in Lisbon.

1) Be aware that plastic straws are among the top 10 plastic items found at beach cleanups

As soon as you become aware of the effect those tiny straws can have, you have taken the very first step. Most of the 1 billion (!!) plastic straws we use every day end up in our oceans, polluting our water and destroying sea life. In fact, all plastic that has ever been produced still exists on this earth.

2) If you really, really need a straw, get a reusable one! 

On eBay and Amazon, you can buy a pack of reusable straws for about 2-3 euros. Also, most health food stores, alternative shops, and larger supermarkets usually sell straws made of more sustainable material as paper, bamboo, glass or stainless steel.

3) Say no to straws when you order a drink

Remember to remind the waiter to not bring a straw next time you’re ordering that delicious Piña Colada.

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