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Manifesting and getting healthy with Helenika Travels

Hello beautiful friends,

Some of you may remember that we went to Costa Rica in March and ended up doing a 5-day juice cleanse which quite literally changed our lives? Not kidding, it really did. After this trip both of us experienced such a relief in issues such as stomach ache (usually every day), anxiety and mood swings. We learned so much about food, our bodies, nature, plants and balance. We came to realize that sometimes, we actually need to take a break and just take care of our body and fill it up with all the nutrients and good vibes that it deserves, especially if we have a day to day lifestyle which involves a lot of doing, working and a dose of stress and pollution. That is why we are so happy to be able to take part in a similar experience once again, this time in Greece with the beautiful company Helenika Travels in September.

Helenika Travels was founded by Pia Meliane and Tahriq, a really inspiring couple who we know from Oslo. Pia M is a yoga and meditation instructor, raw food chef, detox coach and has a background in beauty and facial treatments. Tahriq holds courses in “The Laws of Attraction” which is all about how to create the dream life that you really want to live and how to get rid of the blocks stopping you from doing just this. We will blog from Greece while we are there, and share our experience with you! Maybe we will see some of you there? For more information check out this link.

If you are not able to take such a trip then we highly recommend the courses they have in Oslo the 7th of July at Skøyen.

For girls only: Awaken Beauty Workshop – Feminine essence yogini practice 09.00-11.00 at Studio Bloom.

For all: Reality Creationering with Tah Riq is the 7th of July at 12.00 at Studio Bloom. This is all about the Law of Attraction and it’s so much fun!

To sign up send a message to: 40062464 (Pia Meliane) or check out the link above <3

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