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Offsetting our emissions through ClimateCare

Offsetting our emissions through ClimateCare

We’ve offset our emissions on our trip to Costa Rica! Yay! We wrote a bit about that in this post. Have you tried it before? ClimateCare is used by British Airways, Lonely Planet and Rough Guides among others. //Da har vi investert i ClimateCare for […]

Let’s talk about traveling and the environment

Let’s talk about traveling and the environment

Let’s talk about traveling and the environment To be honest, this has been one of the hardest issues we’ve dealt with since starting Radical Broccoli. We have a job that requires traveling, we have a grandmother in Portugal, we have family in Cape Verde, we […]

Hidden gems in Oslo

Hidden gems in Oslo

Luckily you don’t have to travel far to take a little break from your daily life. All you need is a staycation! Vacationing in your home city is not only more environmentally-friendly, but it can help you discover some hidden pearls in your hometown, just like we did in Oslo.

//Heldigvis trenger man ikke alltid å reise langt for å få et lite avbrekk fra hverdagen. Det kan du få til akkurat der du er, og er kjent som konseptet staycation. Å feriere i egen by er jo også så utrolig mye bedre for miljøet. Oslo er en perle. En staycation her gir rom for å oppdage sider ved byen som man kanskje ikke gjør i en ellers travel hverdag.


We were so happy when TOMS asked if we could share our best staycation tips in Oslo with you, while at the same time showing their amazing vegan shoes. And you guys, did you know that for every pair of TOMS you buy, you are also buying a pair for a child in need? We LOVE conscious brands that give something back to the world.

// Derfor ble vi så glade da TOMS lurte på om vi kunne dele våre beste staycation-tips i Oslo med dere, samtidig som vi kunne vise fram deres fantastisk fine og behagelige veganske sko. Og dere; visste dere at for hvert par man kjøper gir TOMS et par sko til et barn som nok trenger det enda mer. Vi elsker og heier på merker som gir tilbake og har en ektra omtanke med det de gjør.

Photo: Martine Stenberg

Morning bath at Tjuvholmen

Okay, so Tjuvholmen is hidden!? Well it might come as a surprise that we included this in our guide since it’s a typical tourist attraction in Oslo, but the hidden magic is taking a morning bath here while the city is asleep. This spring we put extra effort into jumping in the ocean as often as possible. Right after waking up, we have thrown on a bikini or bathing suit and biked down. The extra little joy comes from passing all the guys in suits in this business area. On the pier we usually meet a few regulars in their robes who are discussing the temperatur in the water, and how much (or little) it has changed the past 24 hours. We say hi to everyone, regret the decision for a brief moment because it looks friggin cold, and then decide to jump. Nothing can compare to that feeling. It cures everything from headaches, tight backs and stress to morning grumpiness.

//Morgenbad på Tjuvholmen 

Ok, er Tjuvholmen plutselig skjult nå?, tenker du kanskje. Vi er enige i at “alle” vet hvor dette er, men det er de færreste som møter opp tidlig om morgenen for verdens diggeste morgenbad! Denne våren har vi gjort en ekstra innsats for å bade så ofte som mulig. Så fort vi har våknet, har vi hevet på oss bikini eller badedrakt og syklet den korte veien ned til Tjuvholmen. Ekstra gøy er det å se at folk i dress er på vei i andre retninger. På brygga står det gjerne flere faste morgenbadere i morgenkåpe og diskuterer dagens temperatur, og hvor mye (eller lite) det har forandret seg de siste 24 timene. Vi hilser på alle, angrer et lite sekund fordi det ser forbanna kaldt ut, men hopper i det. Og verdens beste følelse får man i havet. Det renser opp i gruff og trøtthet og hodepine og hva det måtte være. Og vipps er dagen startet på best mulig måte!

Photo: Martine StenbergHovedøya

Our second advice is to take the ferry from Aker Brygge to one of the beautiful islands just a few minutes outside of Oslo. It just costs you a regular bus ticket and is much calmer than the usual overcrowded beaches in town. It takes such a short time to get out there, and you get so much out of taking the trip. We really started wondering why we don’t do this more often. Bring a towel, blanket, something to read, watermelon and a lovely lunch, and enjoy a perfect staycation at one of Oslo’s pearls.


Vårt andre tips er å ta fergen ut til Hovedøya eller en av de andre øyene som Ruter-fergene går ut til. Når sola skinner er gjerne steder som Huk og Paradisbuksa overfylt av mennesker, så hvis man vil ha en litt roligere dag er definitivt Hovedøya å anbefale. Det tar latterlig kort tid å komme seg dit fra Aker Brygge, og vi skjønner egentlig ikke hvorfor vi ikke gjør dette oftere. Ta med håndkle, pledd, noe å lese på, vannmelon og en digg lunsj, og nyt en mini-ferie på en av Oslos definitivt fineste perler.


Photo: Martine Stenberg

We hope you were inspired to take a new look at Oslo with your vacation shades on (and hopefully a pair of TOMS on your feet) and feel free to share your best staycation advice with us in the comments.

//Vi håper du ble inspirert til å ta en titt på Oslo med feriebrillene på (og gjerne et par TOMS på beina), og del gjerne dine beste staycationtips i kommentarfeltet!

Guide to: Glamorous glamping @Bukubaki eco surf resort

Guide to: Glamorous glamping @Bukubaki eco surf resort

During the time we were living in Portugal last fall, we planned for a little weekend get-a-way. We were looking for a place that would leave us feeling refreshed, inspired and most importantly, a place that had a low carbon footprint. So we packed our […]

Guide to: healthy eats and green travel in Sri Lanka

Guide to: healthy eats and green travel in Sri Lanka

A green guide to the land of miracles The island of Sri Lanka, formerly known as Ceylon, is one of the most beautiful countries in the world both in terms of the scenery and the people. With its amazing beaches, green forests, waterfalls, train rides, mountains, […]

Guide to: healthy food & green living in Portugal

Guide to: healthy food & green living in Portugal

Maybe you are like us, always researching places to eat good and healthy before visiting new spots. We have spent lots of time in Portugal, so we thought it was time to share our favorite spots in at the moment. The places are based in Lisboa, Ericeira or Cascais.


Nicolau Lisboa 

Location: R. São Nicolau 17, Lisbon

Located in central Lisbon, this café is definitely worth a visit. Nicolau Lisboa opened about a year ago and has quickly become one of the coolest hangouts in Lisbon. The atmosphere, people, and staff make it a perfect place to chill out with your mac, eat a big brunch or just have a taste of the delicious desserts. At Nicolau, you can find matcha & turmeric lattes, green smoothie bowls, acai bowls, vegan pancakes, veggie burgers with sweet potato chips, poké bowls, quinoa bowls, eggs, kombucha, glutenfree cakes and the list goes on.

The Cru – Organic, Raw & Healthy Food

Location: Torre in Cascais, Rua Joaquim Ereira 1543

This lovely spot is located a bit further into the country in Cascais, and we have quickly become regulars there. It is a combined mini-marked with organic products and café that actually started out as a food truck selling their very popular wraps. The Cru (which means raw) surely attracts health-conscious Portuguese and foreigners. Last time we ran into one of the worlds best female surfers!

Maria Granel 

Location: R. José Duro 22, Lisbon

Maria Granel is a lovely and inspiring bulk grocery store located in Alvalade, Lisbon with focus on zero-waste, organic and traditional food items. The people working there are really charming and will help you out with any questions you have. They also encourage you to bring your own jars to buy produce in. They sell everything from superfoods in bulk, to beans, teas, and chocolate. They also sell bamboo drinking bottles and coffee cups, in addition to other zero-waste products. It’s worth a visit just for the inspiration and to see how well they manage a store with a low carbon footprint.

Local – Your healthy kitchen

Location: Mercado da Vila, Cascais & Palácio Chiado, Lisbon

Local has one restaurant in Cascais, right by the big market, and in Lisbon at Palácio Chiado. In Cascais, the best day to go is either Wednesday or Saturday, this way you can also buy fresh local fruit and vegetables at the same time. Remember to bring your own tote bags as they use loads of plastic. Local serves huge portion sizes of great lunches and dinners, as well as fresh juices and smoothies. They have vegetarian options in addition to meat and fish. For dessert, you should try their delicious brownie or cheesecake.

Café Galleria House of Wonders

Location: Cascais city center, Largo da Misericórdia 53

This rooftop café serves vegetarian, Mediterranean and Middle Eastern-inspired, local and fresh food. It is definitely among the top three favorites here in Cascais! Every day they get a fresh delivery of fruits and vegetables, and the daily menu is based on what is in season. Som regular highlights are risotto based on local mushroom and spinach pie with hummus and veggies. They always serve fresh juices and smoothies. Highly recommend the pineapple and ginger juice.



GIG – Green is Good

GIG is located downtown Ericeira and we stop by almost every day we spend in town. The restaurant opened last year and they have a very nice menu with lots of options of delicious healthy food. They serve dishes such as tapioca, avocado toasts, açaí bowls, and filling salads. At 7pm they change to the dinner meny and serve dishes such as grilled salmon, grilled chicken with soba noodles, and fish of the day with sweet potato and heart cabbage. They also serve lots of delicious drinks such as the greenest of juices, turmeric lattes and local, organic wine.

Calavera Mexican food and tequila bar 

Location: Rua dos Ferreiros 2

In Portugal, you have plenty of seafood and excellent fish but one should not underestimate the Mexican food! At Calavera, they serve excellent (gluten-free) nachos, guacamole, and salsa. We also love their burrito (which you can ask to get in a bowl) which is beans, rice, guacamole and grilled vegetables. Highly recommended for hungry people.

Nalu Bowls

Location: Rua Manuel Ortigão Burnay

Nalu is the Hawaiian word for wave and these smoothie bowls sure taste good by the ocean. Nalu Bowls is based in Ericeira right by the iconic hotel Villa Galè. They serve different types of refreshing smoothie bowls with toppings and each bowl is named after their favorite waves from around the world! Nalu Bowls first opened in Bali and was the first smoothie bowl shack in there. It is inspired by Hawaii and the culture that revolves around surfing and tropical waves. They aim to be the perfect pre and post surf meal, and we surely do agree. After a surf session, it is the perfect way to get hydrated and a nice meal. It’s not horrible either that the place is packed with surfers filling up for their next session.

Other spots worth mentioning: