Nordic Foodprint – Plant based comfort food in Oslo

Nordic Foodprint – Plant based comfort food in Oslo

It’s so incredibly satisfying and actually a very proud feeling to find a place that combines quality, love for the planet and amazing food, in Oslo. We finally visited Nordic Foodprint this week and they have done such an amazing job creating a plant-based deli in the middle of the city. Decorated with furniture in delicate earthy colors, chill music, and an amazing menu with much consideration of the planet, this place is a must visit. Their goal is to inspire people to eat plant-based and having a near-zero carbon footprint themselves. They use mindfully sourced organic, local and seasonal ingredients and practice quality over quantity in everything that they do. The deli was packed by lunchtime and we can’t wait to follow their journey. We are number one fans in NOFOs fan club for sure!

Zucchini, Spicy Broccoli, Creamy Cauliflower,
Sweet Potato Wedges
Green Beans & Onion with Kale Pesto
Amazing place to work & eat
Happy camper
Oatly barista + raw cacao
It’s all in the details


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