Healthy, tasty and hip – Surf Kombucha

Healthy, tasty and hip – Surf Kombucha

Have you ever wondered what the deal with kombucha is all about? This week we talked with the inspiring people behind the brand Surf Kombucha, which is a Norwegian based brand of fermented tea. Surf Kombucha is actually brewed on a peninsula in Norway by a nutritionist and a surfer. What is not to love?!

Hi guys! Who are the people behind the brand?
Nutritionist Maren Aasen from Norway, and my boyfriend and surfer Luca Guichard, who is half Norwegian, half French, but grew up in Portugal.

Can you tell us the story behind the name Surf Kombucha?
We wanted to reach out to young people who maybe didn’t know about fermenting and kombucha, and hopefully, would like it and think it was cool, and a nice replacement for soda and other unhealthy sugared drinks. We wanted the name to reflect youth, fresh and being sporty. When we were visiting Hawaii for kombucha inspiration, we sat on the beach and discussed name options, and Luca suggested Surf Kombucha… and yes, that was exactly what we were looking for; young, fresh, cool and sporty!

What is Kombucha actually and why is it good for us?
It’s a fermented tea, which is a 2000-year-old tradition. And because of the lactic acid bacterias, that’s naturally in kombucha, it’s good for the intestines and your digestion. So you have a healthy, good drink with very little sugar, natural ingredients and good bacterias for the stomach.

Why did you decide to make your own kombucha brand?
I heard about kombucha for the first time in nutrition class, and later on a holiday in California, we saw how popular it was over there. We both got hooked on this drink and loved it from the first sip. We saw a market for this in Norway too, so decided to give it a try.

What are your hopes and dreams for the company?
Our dream is to be the biggest and best kombucha producer in Norway and to eventually export it to Portugal (where we want to live) and other counties.

What is the best and worst thing about being an entrepreneur?
The best is to be your own boss, and that you can decide when to work and when not to. The worst is that you are always at work, even when you have time off.

What are your top three tips for a healthy and sustainable lifestyle?

  1. Do something that lights the fire in you and keeps you going
  2. Be with people that make you feel good
  3. Feed your body with the best food you have access too as often as possible
  4. Sleep good and stay active… but that was one too many 😉

We love and highly recommend this delicious fizzy drink! Follow Maren, Luca and Surf Kombucha on Instagram, and check out their homepage here, and subscribe to Maren’s Youtube channel.





















Surf Kombucha can at the time being only be bought in Norway, but stay tuned! The specific sales points are:


Inderøy: Gangstad Gårdsysteri, e@ Internettkafé, Husfrua Gårdshotell, Coop Extra, Berg Gård, Gulburet, Øyna
Steinkjer: Coop Obs, Sunkost Amfi, Chez Mathilde, Grønn Bølge, Spar Dampsaga, Coop Extra, Spar Sentrum, Spar Sørsileiret
Verdal: Cartofflene, Meny, Extra, Coop Mega,
Levanger: Meny Magneten, Coop Mega, Extra, Bruborg Bakeri, Bunnpris Levangernesset
Tautra: Klostergården
Rissa: Smørhallen


Trondheim: Helios, Etikken, Habitat, Meny Solsiden, Meny Sverresborg, Life Heimdal, Meny Tiller, Bunnpris Gourmet Nyborg, Bunnpris Vikåsen, Bunnpris Gourmet Elgeseter, Bunnpris Prinsen, RÅGO Frostad – Trondheims Kjøkkenhage, Scandic Nidelven


Oslo: Røtter St.Hanshaugen, Røtter Frogner, Ekte Vare, TUNCO, Den Gamle Skobutikken, Lille Tøyen Kolonial, Meny Skøyen, Jacobs Holtet
Bærum: Meny Høvik, Meny Jarhuset


Stavern: Meny Stavern


Flisa: Mellem Gårdsmatutsalg


Lesja: Avdemsbue


Drammen: Spar Kristensen
Rødberg: Kirkebygda Produkter


Porsgrunn: With Love By Moen


Åndalsnes: Sødahlhuset
Ålesund: Bæra Smoothie og Juicebar, Wayne´s Coffee, Meny Lersund


Bergen: Litleré Mat, Meny Støletorget
Øystese: Den Grøne Tråd


Haugesund: Amundsen Spesial
Stavanger: Amundsen Spesial, Kvadrat


Kristiansand: will.i.juice


Bodø: Eurospar Trekanten, Klinikk1
Brønnøysund: Lokalmatbutikken
Røst: Joker


Tromsø: Eurospar Kræmer, Mathallen
Kvaløysletta: Eurospar

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