Guide to: eco-friendly festivals across the world

Guide to: eco-friendly festivals across the world

Hi guys! Hope you all are having a wonderful summer vacation. It’s been quiet in here for a while, had to take a break from social media and just be in the ocean for a bit. I have also been to a few festivals over the course of the summer, which has to be the ultimate happiness pill.
























There is just one thing we need to address: how we treat the environment at festivals!

Earlier this summer I went to Kadetten, a festival right outside of Oslo. Last weekend both Anette and I went to Slottsfjell, one of Norway’s biggest festivals in the oldest city in Norway. It’s all up on a hill, and it’s just gorgeous. They are both located in nature, right by the ocean, which makes it even more important to think about how the plastic litter is reduced.

The aftermath at Slottsfjell

After the concerts, the ground is covered with plastic cups, cardboard paper for the cups, cigarettes, tobacco, bags of chips, and other small pieces of trash that people throw out. We, therefore, had to ask you on Instagram if you had any advice or experience with better handling of resources at concerts and festivals, and now we would like to share all the information with you:


Splore festival, New Zealand – “leave no trace”

What they do:

  • Eliminate single-use water bottles (first NZ festival to do this)
  • Eliminate single-use cups
  • Use reusable wear for both food and drinks
  • Encourage you to BYOB (bring your own bottle) and refill at water stations across site, or buy a bottle at Splore and keep it, or return it for a refund
  • You’re not allowed to use regular glitter (made of plastic), but they sell bio-glitter

Glastonbury festival, UK – launched sustainable cup after three years of trial

What they do:

  • Offer paper cups which they recycle
  • Sell a stainless steel cup that you can buy across site – customers pay a 5 pound deposit
  • When people need a refill, they swap their cup for a new one

Wacken Open Air, Germany – Metal 4 Nature

What they do:

  • Use plastic reusable cups that cost you 1€, to encourage people to return the cups when they buy another beverage
  • If somebody tosses or forgets their cup somebody else will pick up 1€ worth of money

Pohoda festival, Slovakia – the greenest festival in Europe

What they do:

  • Reusable cups – saving more than 1 million cups (!)
  • Water free of charge
  • Compostable dishes and composting on site
  • Flushing toilets with water from own wells
  • Merch in GOTS certified cotton

Øyafestivalen, Norway – one of Norway’s most sustainable festivals (aiming to be #1 in the world)

What they do:

  • All beer and soda cups and all food packaging is compostable
  • Demanding that suppliers bring their packaging after delivery
  • Encourage everyone to arrive by bike, walking or public transport
  • Recycle at a rate of approximately 74%
  • Fixed power instead of aggregates – and one of the stages will run on solar power this year (!) for the first time
  • Large offer of organic, vegan and vegetarian food
  • Environmental certification through Miljøfyrtårn
  • Encouraging YOU to reach out to them with your suggestions on how to become even more eco-friendly (see more here)

Vinjerock, Norway – minimal footprint

What they do:

  • Complete recycling (since 2009)
  • Locally produced food to reduce transportation emissions
  • Mostly organic produce
  • Minimizing use of single-use plastic
  • Offers bus transport to the area

Stokkøya festival, Norway – a plastic-free festival

What they do:

  • Eliminate plastic straws
  • Eliminate plastic cups – they used reusable ones made of metal which you could buy at the festival
  • All plates and cutlery where edible – made from wheat!
  • Eliminate water bottles. The artists even get their reusable ones to refill
  • Local food – homemade bread with ingredients from the island
  • Optional borrowing of raincoats
  • Signs and information on wood instead of plastic



Other great ideas from you guys:

@tingelingpling: (translated) “The cup could have a function so that it could be collapsible, and you could keep it in your bag. could also have a little pinch lock so that you could lock it to your pants. It would have to be soft so it wouldn’t be in the way or be able to hurt anyone.” and “A refund on your plastic cup like they have at Roskilde. Eliminate straws, use cutlery, cups, and plates of biodegradable materials, and give a reduction to everyone using reusables” “A lot of festivals where I go use depot on the plastic bottles and dishes – so you have to pay extra and get the money back when u bring the trash back”

@eco_tom: “One cup per person, otherwise we will feel okay throwing shit around just because someone will use it. And it will greenwash the business model of fast fashion”

@morellanorge: “A festival cup that could be used again and again. For every festival, you get a new QR code on it. It would add value to the owner of the cup, as well as help the environment. Maybe a 💡 idea..”

@inacharlotteb: “I liked the idea of selling bottles or vases that you partly get back money for if returning it back. Like in amusement parks where kids get a vase for slush and keep it in a string around their neck all day and get cheaper refills.”

@jasminjelley: “Re-usable cup made out of organic/bamboo-based materials or recycled plastic would be the dream- combing both! I’d be so on board 👌”



5 thoughts on “Guide to: eco-friendly festivals across the world”

  • Hei! Elsker engasjementet og det er trist å se festivaler med mye søppel, synes Øyafestivalen alltid har vært kjempeflinke – sjekk ut arbeidet deres med tanke på miljø. Alltid økologisk og natur og ungdom sorterer søppelet som gjestene allerede har sortert i rest/plast/matavfall osv for å sikre riktig gjenvinning. Håper dere tar kontakt med dem og får pass for å dra og sjekke det ut i år <3 for å se hva som funker, og hva de kan gjøre enda bedre.

    Grunnen til at jeg kommenterer er noe jeg har ønsket en stund, dere har alltid så fab musikk på stories på insta, så jeg håper dere har anledning til å dele spotify-profil eller playlister? Alt i sjangeren SZA og Frank Ocean er så sykt braa og virket som det var sånn musikk på mange av storiene. ⭐️😚

    • Hei Sunniva,
      Tuuusen takk for tilbakemelding! Vi skal på Øya både for jobb og fordi vi digger dem, og gleder oss masse! De fortjener selvsagt stor skryt for sin innsats, og det kommer i en egen post.

      Å så gøy, god idé. Vi kan definitivt få laget noen spillelister med musikken vi pleier å spille. ⭐⭐ Goood sommer

  • Hey there! We are starting a reusable cup company in the US and for our presentation wanted to know if we could use your picture with all the plastic cup waste on the floor. Thank you!

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